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a baby i used to put you in it when you got out of the tub. okay, this isn't funny anymore. stop! captioning provided by carsey-werner-mandabach llc and the fox broadcasting company captioned by closed captioning services, inc. 3 i sayyaaoutt99 o 110 & hht ii thheee.... is outssie...hho some peoppe are forrcd toocope without air -conditioninggin our extreme -& hhat wave..--3 wwve. 33 "its a miracll" survived a shooting this week. ann wwat the mooive aa have & beennfor the mmn nnw charged -withhthhecrrme. crrme..theen-ffl lockout. why &ppro football issa big sttp closerrto sttattng up gaan.
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againn.and slow and sttedy, buu ready. how this toroose gottback on its feee again.3 -3 p hello... i'm jefffbband paar coditioners,ice aan fans....--3 fans... hey'rr,,,. ii goll.../ as... an &&páepicá... heatwave.../ & and... the esst...of thee 3 coast. we'rr sweating t outtrighh aaong with you, --3&ppkaen parks ii llieein north meeeorrlogistt ytas reed is & traakinggmmnute by miiute trends wiih your skywaachh orecast. fooecaat. eestart our livee - team coveeage wwth karen and - pig problemmfor people lving - in bbltimoree ousinng houssng. 3 p3 juut iagiie being insiie thii highhrise on a day like wwmannhouse maanywith mentall anndphysiial isaaiiliiee ay
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&p many say this has been a 33 on aadaa likkettdaay --&ppis uubearable.....and bbcauue work is beeng one on the outsideeof thh building...many ddorsslladinggto ballonyys phave been ssaled shutt... 3 p-3 3 the bbilding is 3 bbenggruu y the city's spokespprson ttlls me the ept &pthaatccewss ave been heee all -3&pdaayworking n the cooling 3 at... 3 p the....ssarttoffthh daa...// áámooráá -33&pthhn... half the ssates.../ -3 wwre... unner heaa warniigss.- parnings.. 31... 3 phe oopressive heet.../
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- at... the ssaar of the - dayy.../ áábyáá.... - 6--pm.../ ou... can -3 see... it as down 19..- 199 33 bbt.../ baalimorr'ss.. -hhat waae... s just -3&pstarting,.../ ááchiefáá - mettorologist vytts of... the overnight -& conditions.../ with - your... skywatchhforrcast..-
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is touuh... oo dayss lke 3 brewery..../ is... -3&ppaving energy..../ áandá... monee. 3 phee.. ffying doog... & n....freeerick.../ is... takiig part.... - in... a... prooram.../ withh.. - ááonáá peak 33&&pcompanyy cuts bckk../ - by... 20 o 40- &pperccnt. -pp ((mtovich) for iistaane, herre eehave our keg going to ssve sooe electriccty for otthe eople to use. all through tte faciiity we haae pan cut ack ffwe nowwin advance.. &addance."the owners... ffrm tth...grrd...// aat..../ 3 we askedd dooyou tty... to saveeeneegg duriig heat avee? oo you saad nn... faccbook..."i try but the wife says no way." -pway." nd jessicaawrites "nopp. being eight onths prrgo in the summer - 3 - 3 he's aacused oo setttng a -
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shoottng aabush of a cop n -3 receiving aa ti romma - neeihbor.ttee ssy jordaa fired -3 aa asault rifle like tteeone was responding to a all for a domestiicdispuue alonggccokss lane.and poliie commissiooer 3 hhnnde f thh ooficer's -3 guu...juut ggazinggthh &p3 p"it's a miracle that our officerr as nnt mmre serioosly injjued oo omeonn else n -that bbockk" -33& 3 tte coomissioner... says ...// therees -3 eviidnnc....jordan.../ - p ann.. -prea... hhgh school baaketbbll --3staa.../ shot and killed....ii... souuh ballimore.. -3&33 18--yeaarold../. 3senior next year..../ & schhoo....... 3 ppartment .../ hoosiig peeeloppent.... pwdnesddyy../ -33 leerner's permit.../.. áá - hoursáá later,.../ 3 ááshotáá &pin... the ccess...///.. ááitááá &phappened... iissde ann& appatteet.../ on... -3perndonncourt.
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-3& ccurtt &33 (smith//rsident) "aal i peen was an ambulance, policee thee ook hhm out onnthe - stretccerr. that's it. i feel - porry forrthe family.." aae... uesttonnd pttoopeoppe.../ in thhs shooting.... maryland: "unfortunatelyywe & ad theeooe deatt in md, and &ppi'ssone too mmnnyss ww realll -33wanned to takk a ardd ook at &&ptheseeand see what needed o be done""-&&pddne" the marylanndhealth depaatmmnt sayy baah saatt have poissoned 233in maryland. the yyhetic drugs act jjut pikk the naacotics thhy pangerous. law enffocemmnt &pare llgall. ann llwwakeer pt a new drrg. & p3hhnnrrds oo firefiigterr .... -3 takeesteps honor teir fallln comradees-/ & áádurrngáá...// &p an... earlyy... 3 downnown baltimmre.. pmre thaa.../ -3 3433... irrfighhers... fromm - todaa''....
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9-ellvennmemoriallstair -3 climb.... -&hilton.../. áááirrffghhteráá --3 cllmbed... 22- p áfiveetimess ... to & represent .../ thee.. 100ffoors... nside wore... t-shhrts and & 33 john siedler, iv 26::9 f i -3floor up the 66th fllor thht's whht i'd bb carrring wiih mee & 3 monne raisse... ffom thhs pcimb.../ &pfalleenfiiefiihters.... foundation...///. 3 inn.. juss minutes,...// &pmade... siicc thh attaak... on pmericc.../. ááwe'lláá &p ttak... a closselook... aa homeeand securitt''.../ -& first... major progresss - how... hey're keeping... you -& safee &p &pp3&p a.../ major ppate... 3repeal.../ "ddn't ask pon'tttell".../ n thh military. -3 pilittry.. theepentagoo.../
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p plans to announce.../ 3 it'll... enddthe policy hhve taken lace... theecoottoverssal law..../ &p ááafteerá tommoroo,.../ 360---dys...// uutil... - the first... openly gayy &&prrcruiiss..// re & pccepted..../ ááattá ttat point...// & crrent... gay sooliers... will be aalowed.... &pto... freely eeppess ..// -& heir seuua orientation. and his imo slashh ankk.--3 taak. phis ttippto loodoo n may is poinn tooccst the pesiddet. -33 poorbbcking up traffic. the 200 dollarr inneis for -3& ailing to ppy congestion - traffic tickee cauusd bb his -3&ppooorcade. it was nly 16 - dollars at firrt but we all 3 pon'ttpayyup. 3areethe best. it'' a ood day for thiistortoiie at washingtonnstatteunnvvessty..
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thii wheel vets installed o & pis sselll he's a bit tippy bbt with little praattie -3& he'll oon be givvnn hares a & ww.../ brouuht you -&pmission... llve tths bbttersseet ommnn, ../ 3&p áábuuáá aaso... -& peeindinn us....that we're ot --3 going.... aaywhhre plse... soonn ann hhr crew.../ &plaading...../ áátheáá pcrrentt swirling.... -3 beyond....itt wiig tips.../.. áááissiooáá -3 connrol....had a ew moving 3 hhvinnginspiied tte & imagiiation oo ennrrtion, ship like ooother its pllcc in histtry secured as tte space shuttle pulls into port for th last time,it's vvyage at an endd -3&&p3 ameriia's... ast rouu of shuttle astrooauts ... the 30--year... program.
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-33 3&p ""trrorism idd't begin wwth him and hasn't nned wiih himm--3him amerrcc takes stocc 3 after 9/11. the keyyplacee thaatthere arr sttlllhuge &pholes for ttrrooists to -peeploitt.- 33 iffyyu wann to meee with her, &ppe t ttis certain aree in 155 minutes. p3& p ccsey anttonn continuess & to shhw her lass...// unfortuuatelly t's all ow....-3 wwat "mommm dearest" did his tiie... ext -&p3 is it foootaal season yet? as tteeowners vote o lift the lockoot majjr qqestions &ppmerge for the raveen.. howwthee're eiig answerrd ndd --3 whennttey'll hit the ieed -3 coming up in sports uulimittdd 3 & 3&pit's bben almost a decade
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-3 siice the attack on aerrcaa &pp tooighh,,we are takkig stockk -3&pof america's proggess in sscuuityyand destruutionnof & terroriss groups. 33&pcloser ooo attwhat we've - pulnerable..- hileeosamm bin llaen &was killed ii ay b u-s navy & seals t thii compound in abotttaad pakistan -- theeal -3qaeda frrnchise yemen,,its americca leeaer anwar aa-awlaki -- and hooegrown -33 storr..napolitano sayss "terrroismmdidnnt begii with him and haan't eeddd with him, and we haveeall these ttee 33 peport, that inveetiggtes 3&&pccmmissiin
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rrcommenddtions are being iipleeented, says -phmegrown terrorissmis centrrl pictuue. he most &&precenttjusttceedepartmmnt docuuentt show a ase o po an inttrnattonnl group pvery two to hree weeek since & annary tww-thousand-ninn. twwntyytwo-year-oldd pennsylvania man was accused 3 abrrad." nd naaooitanoo & ccnfirmmd tat plotss ave bben kkowlldge.napolitano sayy: pthere hve beee any plots ptat hhvv bben inteeffred withh over time,,yess i ddnnt wann -&pmultiilayered aproaah to passennerssaan ccrgoobeffree they enttr heeuus. it coulldmean
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ess invaaive pcreennngg n the fuutre. &&pnapooitano says: "meannng alll the thing yoouhave ttotake off as yoo go hrough thh gate, we'll bb abll too reieve somm & time." nnpolitaao saas -&weakkess. napolitaao ssas: "almost by the time to talk ppnachronistic, otts lready -3&pout of dte." in washingttnn catterine -33herrrdde,,foo nnwss 33 the former cair oo tte they've made progress but there aae still majoo gapp. can...3&p casey anthony ..gett.. & eveenmooe sleazy...? yye... yes... al,,,,,/ -& taaylr..../ a... freelaacc t-v roddcer,,,,. says,,. -3 p hee,, met anntony n -3 pcliffrnii,,,. boot.../ -3& ith... doctor... rew mmetiin.../ and... what 3 taylorr:i goo a call eaaly -3 puesday orniin fromma this ccrtaii aaea n 5 - up. i
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wass't surr if i waa & goiig toomeet hee. nn suue enoughh he was theree.and thee & drew::what wwa the iist tthng sse aiddto youu?tyloo: wheree'stte heck? cause she &&pchecck. that muss avv een - some jjryy.// caaey -3 pnnhonn... was acquitttdd.. --3&ponncharges... he urdered... -3 aalee. 33 3 stickkto te a/c tomorrow, itt & ill be daagerouuly hot. 3 ccheff eteorroogist.../ -3 vytts reii... s following .../ & this.../ huge... - long.../ ii's... goiigg & toobbemaaiig us... miserable..-& .
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3& fooobaal....thee -f-l oonnrs players are not signiig off on -3& it justtyet... why derrick -3 mason sayy the playyrs aren''t &pn sports... 3 in a very good ood..- pood." and it's not aanooe''s ffaltt the real reason we
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a day ttat we ttought ooud -& prrngg nnend tt the nfl loccout has noo exxctlyyturned &psigned off on an greemenn for a nerrwcolleetiivebbrraaning 3 pot....s yet... yet... 3 ttis eeeining, oneessvotedd p1-- to accept a new cba...buu - ponfeeencc call, ad haav not voted yettoo anyyhing...they &ppavv to recerrtfy their unioo - pnd assof this hour,, ave giien no indicaaion as to when that would bee..the owners, as mentioned, vooed unanimmuuly po tte oor winds... -3poomissioner oger oodeel madeethe anouncement earrer 3 p &p
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3 goodell enn on o say that & the hall f fame gamm,, -3 part nntth union onffrenne & call, rrvvns ppayee rp -3derrick ason shared his - fluid situation.... situation....&p3 &
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3& ss what's in the proposeddc-b- a???'s a 11-year deal - thrr the 200-0 ssaaon ith nn 3 the salary capp ill be set att 110--pinn-4 illlon dllars.... pookkes will reeeivv 4-yyaa -pcontracttswittha team oppion -3& for a 5th yyarr n fiisttround & picks...aaddtheee wwlllbe plaaers meaning roooiee will yearss....thereewwll be o -3&change in hee166game chedule - werr to xpand tt 18 gamee - they oold approval from the players will have enhhnced - injury enefits... p33 .traaning camps willl sttat latr and otaas re - tt you... -3 33 ""he humiditt sslike sitting n a suna all day long." alters yoor brain chemissty.. &p tte reeaon mmjor heat eads 3 33 3 3feeling angry,.../
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3&pbeet ediiine s obviouslyy & aativvties, nott hinns like errands. it ill hhlp raise he pllasure chemicals 3 anger. &p3 plt's go to vytas for onee final check at hoo ong our & battling thii heat..- thaa'' all ffr the late 3 ussiim eff barndd.. and i'm
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♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] sweet honey taste. 80 calories per serving. 40% daily value of fiber. i'm here in the downtown area where the crowd is growing. [ female announcer ] watching calories at breakfast never tasted this sweet... i'll go get my bowl. [ female announcer ] ...or this huge. new fiber one 80 calories. yes, you can actually love breakfast. ?y?y?y?y??
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[ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-tw

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